Lee Bridges

Product Management, Strategy, & Leadership

My career has prepared me to see obscure and elegant solutions to complex problems. Experiences as an entrepreneur, team lead, and executive have given me the ability to see a situation from multiple perspectives, allowing me to communicate more effectively and build consensus. I'm a highly motivated individual with talents in product design, leadership, startups, problem solving, strategy, and product management.

I Believe In


Building a Diverse Team

I strive to build diverse teams that can draw upon their unique experiences to do great things. With talented individuals who have common purpose and passion, anything is possible.


Identifying the MVP

Most Valuable Problem. User interviews, surveys, card sorting, ethnographic studies, etc... It's necessary to dig deep to make sure we're solving the problem that will be most valuable to solve.


Finding the Best Solution

The multiple perspectives of a diverse team is a great starting point, but only through iterating, usability testing, and monitoring metrics can we be sure we've found the best solution to a problem.


Sharing an Impactful Message

Communication between team members, leaders, and stakeholders during each phase of a project is paramount to its success. The trust earned through transparency increases velocity and quality.


Product Release: Journeyman™ Platform

The Journeyman™ Platform is a trio of powerful solutions packaged together. It's super cool to see it out in the wild and delivering incredible ROI for XOi clients after the team's hard work bringing it to market.


Fortune’s Path Podcast - Guest Appearance

The first episode of the Fortune’s Path Podcast features an interview with Lee Bridges, successful entrepreneur and senior product manager at XOi about why he exists.

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Product Lessons Learned The Hard Way

I recently sat on a panel of product people, and we shared stories of mistakes we've made in our product life with the goal of helping others learn from our mistakes.


Product Release: Multiple Workflows per Job

I'm happy to have been the product manager for this one. It changed the way service technicians get work done in the Vision platform. Here's a video about a use case for the feature.

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Product Release: Yes / No Step Types

Watch a video on a recent product release that I was a part of at XOi Technologies. This is a short microlearning video about the feature that was used for company marketing.

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Product Release: Multi-Channel Partner Network

XOi Technologies empowers contractors to deliver shared advantages with multi-channel partner network capabilities. Happy to be involved with this one.


XOi Technologies brings on two industry-leading product managers for senior positions

Cloud-based mobile application company hires distinguished industry experts Lee Bridges and Greg Thoman to innovate the technician experience.